At YAF Ghana, we believe that the greatest tool for success, irrespective of income level, is the right mindset. What really matters for economic and educational success is that students are prepared to be confident leaders and achievers, with a strong degree of awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses.

We work to empower disadvantaged students by helping them to develop the right mindset and be ready to take advantage of the numerous scholarship and funding opportunities to embark on tertiary education. We believe that every student should determine for themselves what their passion and interests are, and then develop a strong drive to achieve within those interests.

In light of our philosophy, we’ve developed our mentorship program to help disadvantaged students build the right mindset by learning from their colleagues who have been successful not only in gaining academic scholarships to prestigious universities around the world but also excelling in their chosen academic fields and personal projects.

This program is a unique opportunity for current high school students and recent graduates to connect with YAF mentors and tap into their pool of resources.
The program enables students to get first-hand information on college and financial aid applications, major selection, campus life, career guidance, co-curricular activities, life lessons, and other educational advice.

Students who are bright, willing to learn, and eager to pursue scholarship opportunities in the US and other developed countries will be paired with YAF mentors who will coach and guide them through the rigorous process. As students learn from successful older peers, they develop confidence, autonomy, and the right mentality for success.