Ferdinand Quayson, a sophomore at Wesleyan University and Founder of Young Achievers Foundation Ghana, is knocking down financial barriers for high school students in Ghana to get a college education. Here’s why.

Young Achievers Foundation Ghana is a student-led initiative which promotes access to higher education for disadvantaged students through scholarship workshops and in-school mentorship programs. They were also our grand prize winner of last year’s first annual pitch competition. I had the chance to catch up with Ferdinand after the competition to get his thoughts on what he intends to do with the grant and how people can help with the amazing work he and his team are doing.

Here’s what Ferdinand had to share….

1. So what are you currently working on since the pitch competition?
The bulk of my project will be done during the summer break, but my team and I are currently recruiting mentors and volunteer who will be trained to deliver our scholarship workshops in our partner schools. We’ve also completed our partnership with the Department of Education in Ghana which will give us access to any additional schools we want to work with. Letters have also been sent out to our partner schools informing them about our program outline for the summer as well as the dates for our workshops.

2. What did it feel like winning the grant in early December of last year?
Winning last year’s Be the Change Venture’s pitch competition was a great feeling of fulfillment. It was the right boost we needed to propel ourselves to expand the frontiers of access to higher education in Ghana. The prize money has enabled us to add one more school to our project which means that over the summer, an additional 1,000 students will be able to benefit from our scholarship workshops and mentorship programs.

3. What do you plan to do in the coming months?
Over the summer, my team and I will head to Ghana to begin our second scholarship workshops. Our first program will be the training of our volunteers and mentors, followed by school visitation to prepare the ground for the scholarship workshops. This year’s scholarship workshop will take place in all three regions in Northern Ghana and will involve over 20 different high schools. Our preparation for the event will continue within the next few months until the beginning of the summer break.

4. How can people get involved? What can they do?
We’re currently looking for donations in items such as projectors, and used laptops which will help us to effectively run the workshop. Any contribution in these items will be gladly welcomed.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ferdinand or Young Achievers Foundation Ghana feel free to visit them here.

Source: www.bethechangeventure.com / https://www.bethechangeventure.com/news/ferdinand

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