YAF Ghana scholars represent the best and brightest students from Ghana. They aspire to gain a world-class education and become agents of change in their communities and the country at large.

Students selected into the YAF Ghana scholars program embody the following qualities:

  • Academic Excellence
  •  Problem-solving skills
  •  Demonstrated leadership potential in school and in the community
  •  Economic disadvantage
  •  Demonstrated interest in community service

Each year, YAF Ghana selects 12 – 15 students out of hundreds of applicants. To qualify, applicants must first graduate from High School and take the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Since YAF Ghana scholars compete with thousands of qualified students from all over the world, we ensure that students we select into our program meet our rigorous academic standards.

YAFGhana considers multiple factors beyond just academics in selecting students into our program. However, to be a strong candidate you must attain not less than 4As in the WASSCE examinations. A score of C4 in any subject automatically disqualifies an applicant from partaking in our program.

NB: If you have C4 in any subject, Do not consider applying.

YAF Ghana selection process begins in December of every year. Our selection team visits various schools across the country to screen students. Our online application platform is also open in December for applicants to submit their applications.

  1. The first stage of the application process involves screening of applicants based on their high school academic records and extracurricular activities.
  2. The second stage involves in-person examinations and additional screening (including essay writing).
  3. The final stage of the application process involves group and individual interview exercises.
  4. Selected applicants receive their acceptance letters in late May and report to the YAFGhana House the first week in June.

Any evidence of submission of fraudulent materials will result in the automatic disqualification of applicants. The YAF Ghana selection team does thorough background checks to ensure that all materials submitted by applicants are authentic.