Late as always but here we go! I’m happy to announce that I’m finally a graduate of Wesleyan University.

I graduated with not only a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government, but also four awards from the Wesleyan University Committee on Awards, Prizes, and Scholarships. I received the BUTTERFIELD PRIZE which is awarded to a graduating senior who has exemplified those qualities of character, leadership, intellectual commitment, and concern for the Wesleyan community. I was also given the WHITE FELLOWSHIP-GOVERNMENT which is Awarded for Excellence in Government to a graduate or an advanced undergraduate in Government; CAMPUS INSPIRATION AWARD which is awarded to an individual that has shown a deep devotion to diversity and social justice, making them an inspiration to other community members; and finally, the CHRISTOPHER BRODIGAN FUND AWARD for public service work in Africa.

I want to use this opportunity to say a THANK YOU to everyone who has played a pivotal role in my Wesleyan education. My special thanks goes to you, Joshua Boger, for being such a great mentor, friend, and supporter. I also want to say a big thank you to Dean Mike Whaley and Bob Coughlin for the energy you bring to student affairs on campus. To Makaela Kingsley for being such a great mother figure to me. To Chia-Ying Pan, Janet Watson, and Professor Hadler for making Wesleyan a home for international students. It’s been a pleasure working with you on ISAB and on other programs. To you, Professor Giulio Gallarotti, you’re the man! To everyone I couldn’t mention, I’m very grateful.

I will miss you all!


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