Ferdinand Quayson

Ferdinand is a recent graduate from Wesleyan University with a major in Government and a minor in African Studies. He was a recipient of multiple awards from Wesleyan including the Butterfield Prize, White Fellowship-Government, Campus Inspiration Award, and the Christopher Brodigan Award.

Ferdinand has been the primary strategic planner and
fundraiser for YAF Ghana. He travels to Ghana annually and works directly with the YAF Ghana team members and volunteers. Ferdinand has devoted his time and energy to coordinating YAF Ghana’s activities.

Lisa W. Tuttle

Lisa holds a BA from Duke University with a major in psychology and a PhD from The New School for Social Research. She has worked in the field of psychology counselling patients for over 20 years, primarily through her own private practice.

Lisa has been instrumental in the strategic planning and fundraising effort for YAF Ghana. She has devoted countless hours to developing and furthering the YAF Ghana’s goals and activities.

David P. Tuttle

David graduated cum laude from Princeton University, majoring in Economics, and received a JD from Duke University Law School.  He is also a CFA Charterholder. He practised law for 14 years and for the last 11 years has been an investment advisor and portfolio manager.

David has assisted and supported all aspects of the YAF Ghana goals and activities since 2017.