Company Overview

Young Achievers Foundation, Ghana (YAF Ghana) is a student-run initiative that seeks to promote access to higher education for
determined, brilliant, low-incomed students in deprived areas of Ghana.

This initiative aims to provide a platform for students to explore the various scholarship opportunities that are available to them.
Our combination of scholarship workshops and mentorship programs ensure that students have the requisite knowledge and exposure to help them navigate the rigorous processes involved in scholarship and college application.

YAF Ghana achieves this by organizing academic scholarship seminars in selected high schools to educate students on topics such as Government and Corporation scholarships, US College scholarships and application, SAT/ACT preparation and registration, online funding platforms, academic fields, and careers.

We also provide free tutoring, mentorship, and resources (computers, internet access, books, and accommodation etc. ) every year to the selected high-achieving students to enable them to apply for scholarships to pursue tertiary education.
We strive to work closely with the Scholarship Secretariat of Ghana, Education USA-Ghana, and selected Ghanaian students in prestigious US universities to assist students in the scholarship application process.

Motto: Education | Empowerment | Success

By educating high school students about scholarships opportunities, we can help increase the number of university graduates in predominantly poor communities or deprived areas across the country.
Ferdinand Quayson | YAFGhana, Founder